Located in North Omaha, The Colina is a neighborhood garden for the community, the environment, and you.

Beauty should be an affordable luxury.
We believe in the positive influence of gardens to improve lives and build community. Using three city stormwater management lots, we are turning the space into an in-city oasis of beauty, learning, growth, and community called The Colina.

The Colina planning

The vision is to take 2803 N 19th Avenue, 2807 N 19th Avenue, and 2811 N 19th Avenue at the corner of 19th & Corby streets and turn it into a multi-use space.

It will be seen as:

A garden open to the community

A space for people to interact

An outdoor landscaping and gardening studio

A free and beautiful space to hang out in

An extension of the surrounding neighbors’ backyards

A space for events, meetings, and educational opportunities