A colina is a hill. However, a hill is one thing to a mountaineer and another to a plainsman. A colina does not lord over a lowland in solitude; it’s a neighborly, everyday hill.
Home Ground, B. Lopez & D. Gwartney

Intersection of 19th & Corby

Coming soon to the corner of 19th & Corby streets

The Colina is the first of its kind.

Being the first project of its kind in Omaha, The Colina is intended to inspire our community’s imagination of what’s possible in our urban green spaces. The name, The Colina, refers both to the topographic features of the garden and to the sentiment that this is a neighborhood garden — the Colina is a very local landmark destination.

The Colina is a place of beauty.

Planted stormwater infiltration areas are required in developments throughout the region. The Colina demonstrates the potential beauty of these spaces and how they can become a neighborhood asset.

The Colina is a place to gather.

The mandate is that The Colina manage stormwater and perform as municipal infrastructure. The Colina performs as social infrastructure too. It’s a neighborhood place for people to hang out, to bump into each other, and get to know one another. It’s a place to spend time, either together or alone — to improve lives and build community.

The Colina is a place to get to know plants.

The Colina is a space to enjoy plants and to garden. It will be a team effort across all of the different groups at Kinghorn Gardens to work together along with the neighborhood to care for this space. Kinghorn Gardens will use the space as an outdoor studio to work and to experiment with new plants and new planting combinations. It’s a place to exchange knowledge and excitement about plants, gardens, and nature.

The Colina is a place open to possibilities.

While The Colina must always function as a stormwater management site, the garden will grow and evolve with the community and is open to new ideas and uses. We hope it is a space for partnerships and action. It is open as a place for community events, meetings, programs, and other opportunities not yet imagined.