• Summer 2019:

    Grade the site to meet stormwater management requirements and sculpt the land for the future garden areas. Sow a custom-designed cover crop seed mix that will grow for 30 days as a living compost for the site before being mowed. This cover crop will reduce erosion, build soils, and alleviate soil compaction. Soil infiltration data will be collected at each stage of the process to document the effectiveness of the cover crop growth. Meet with neighbors to develop a shared vision for The Colina.

  • Fall 2019:

    Plant the garden! The plantings will be a painterly blend of perennials, grasses, and sedges that mark the evolution of the seasons with colors, textures, and patterns that change every few weeks. These plantings represent progressive and innovative planting design and management strategies to create beautiful and ecologically sounds spaces that encourage neighbors to visit often.

  • Winter 2019:

    Build and install a garden pergola and a large table to create a community gathering space.

  • Spring 2020:

    Care for the garden and ongoing neighborhood engagement.